Victorian International Education Cluster Program Management – Victorian Government

AsiaAustralis Consultants were awarded this project with the Victorian Government Department of State Development Business and Innovation,  involving an Industry wide consultation and assessment of export opportunities for core Technical Vocational Education and Training services to key markets in South East Asia. The objective of the project was to identify the most tangible market opportunities for Victorian Education Sector, considering trade barriers, regulatory environment, and competitive environment. This project included:

  • Extensive stakeholder engagement with major industry actors in Australia, and ASEAN, including government agencies, and education providers.
  • Stakeholder engagement was analysed in conjunction with regulatory review of market conditions for Australian companies in the two respective markets, incorporating formal government regulation, informal government regulation, and the potential impact of regional and potential bi-lateral free trade agreements.
  • Project identification, development and facilitation resulted in multi-million dollar contracts being awarded to Victorian Education Institutions for Transnational education projects in ASEAN.
  • Commercial strategic directions and future recommendations were developed to inform future stages of access to these markets for both the Victorian Government and Victorian companies.