Phillip Hudson

Phill Hudson is Senior Partner at AsiaAustralis, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from over thirty years, working in economic development, analysis, and international trade throughout the Asia Pacific. Phill has a longstanding reputation in Australia for generating high quality economic analysis, and trade outcomes for government and corporate clients. Phill;s international experience extends to his  active involvement in the Australia Indonesia Business Council for over 10 years as Chairman and National Director for three years and Vice Chairman in South Australia for three years. In addition Phill is the Chairman of the South Australian – West Java Business Council. The time and service to the AIBC and West Java Business Council has enabled Phill to develop a strong foundation of connections in government and non-government organisations in both Australia and Indonesia. A frequent business traveller to Asia, Phill has built upon his professional connections in Australia and has established a multi-layered professional network in the AsiaPacfic that covers most industry sectors and government departments across countries. Over the past 20 years, Phill has undertaken projects in most of the major Asian economies, and subsequently has a high level of practical business knowledge of what is required to succeed in diverse cultural environments.

A background in Economics, Accounting and Finance, Phill is well accustomed to providing comprehensive economic reports that detail the feasibility of market entry strategies, and market expansion plans. Additionally, through years of project managing major projects in Australia and Asia, Phill is perfectly suited to help your organisation project manage your investment into Asia, and provide the practical strategic consulting advice that will ensure your market entry strategy succeeds.