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The Subtle Art of The Chinese Banquet

Conducting business in China can be a confronting affair, with the rules of engagement vastly different from what we would expect in many western countries.  The number one rule when conducting business in China is to take it slow, develop your reputation or Guanxi, and build your relationships with the people you meet, whether they

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The Petronas Towers in KL

An emerging Asia is much more than just China for SA business – Open Up Global Markets Speech

In early October 2014 I was invited by the South Australian Small Business Commissioner – John Chapman, to present to South Australian small and medium sized business leaders on the export opportunities in South East Asia. The speech was well received by the more than 80 business leaders present on the day. I have provided a copy

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Hudson Howells and AsiaAustralis Strategic Alliance to boost Trade and Investment between Asia and Australia

Hudson Howells, Adelaide based Strategic Management Consultancy firm, has formed a strategic alliance with AsiaAustralis, an advisory firm specialising in developing trade and investment between Australia and Asia. The alliance will result in AsiaAustralis taking the lead running on trade and investment in the Asian Region. This will help AsiaAustralis to build upon more than

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