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Building Asian Business Literacy is the key to growing Trade and Investment

South Australian exports have continued to perform at around mid-term trend levels growing slowly, and continuing to be maintained by our traditional export of agricultural and mineral resource commodities – such as wheat, alcoholic beverages, iron-ore and copper concentrates. The majority of these exports are to Asia, demonstrated through five of the sixth largest export

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SA Budget and Economic Policy Lacks Vision, a Jobs Strategy and a Strategy for South Australia’s Economic Future – South Australia is at the economic cross roads; it’s time for new and fresh economic vision and boldness so we don’t miss out on jobs of the future

The past decade has seen at first slow, and now rapid transformation of the economic drivers of the South Australian economy. It started with the closure of Mitsubishi, and is now thrust to the centre of economic discussion in this state due to the imminent closure of Holden, Ford and Toyota and the automotive component

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Building a sustainable trade and investment presence for South Australia in ASEAN

The South Australian Government announced in late June a new directions paper seeking to develop a trade and engagement strategy between South Australia and South East Asia. This is certainly a positive step for South Australian business, and will help build upon the competitive advantages that currently support our economy. The Association of South East

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The Petronas Towers in KL

An emerging Asia is much more than just China for SA business – Open Up Global Markets Speech

In early October 2014 I was invited by the South Australian Small Business Commissioner – John Chapman, to present to South Australian small and medium sized business leaders on the export opportunities in South East Asia. The speech was well received by the more than 80 business leaders present on the day. I have provided a copy

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AsiaAustralis consolidates its position as the leading Asian market advisory firm in Australia

Adelaide based Asian market advisory firm, AsiaAustralis, closes out the financial year winning more than $50 million in Asian business for its corporate and government clients across Australia.  AsiaAustralis – an Asian market advisory firm formed in 2012 by Adelaide based strategic management consultants Dr Nathan Gray and Mr Phill Hudson, specialises in developing trade

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