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SA Budget and Economic Policy Lacks Vision, a Jobs Strategy and a Strategy for South Australia’s Economic Future – South Australia is at the economic cross roads; it’s time for new and fresh economic vision and boldness so we don’t miss out on jobs of the future

The past decade has seen at first slow, and now rapid transformation of the economic drivers of the South Australian economy. It started with the closure of Mitsubishi, and is now thrust to the centre of economic discussion in this state due to the imminent closure of Holden, Ford and Toyota and the automotive component

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“Gan Bei”: How to drink strategically when in China

As  discussed in our earlier article on “The subtle art of the formal Chinese banquet”, the importance of relationship building to the Chinese is paramount. Apparent social functions like banquets are held in very high regard by Chinese businessmen and government official due to the ability for one to get to ‘know’ their potential business partners. This knowledge

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The Subtle Art of The Chinese Banquet

Conducting business in China can be a confronting affair, with the rules of engagement vastly different from what we would expect in many western countries.  The number one rule when conducting business in China is to take it slow, develop your reputation or Guanxi, and build your relationships with the people you meet, whether they

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Finding a Good Agent Is Critical To Navigating Your Way to Business Success in Indonesia

Indonesia is an emerging Asian market which is attracting increasing investment from Australian and other western companies. Indonesia and its business environment can be confusing, daunting and challenging, but in many cases this is due to a lack of understanding of the Indonesian management behaviours that influence business relationships. If Australian companies want to succeed

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Prestige and History: How branding and bottling is critical to introducing your wine brand to China

As wine companies worldwide open their eyes to the true potential of China as a fantastic wine market, and in many cases a saviour of the wine industry  it is important to consider the way wine is currently being marketed in China. A vastly different drinking culture exists in China compared to the western world

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What does the New Indonesian Cabinet mean for Australian Business in Indonesia?

President Joko Widodo announced the new cabinet on Sunday 26th October, and it included a good mix of political experience in addition to some business acumen. There is much that can be read into these appointees, based upon their experience with Australia. Many of these new ministers have been educated to postgraduate level at international

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Jakarta Traffic


The Australian relationship with our closest Asian Neighbour Indonesia has without doubt been strained over the past 12 months. Despite this recent tumult, Indonesia remains one of Australia’s most important regional partners, and as the most populous, and largest market in South East Asia, the Australian – Indonesian Relationship is critical to Australia’s successful political,

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Petronas Towers at Dusk

South East Asia is a business opportunity that should not be overlooked

In mid June 2014 the Victorian Government once again undertook a super trade mission to South East Asia, encompassing key growth markets of Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Myanmar. The 2013 super mission brought together 600 Victorian business delegates across multiple industry sectors including; automotive, aviation, agribusiness, health and aged care, education and vocational training.

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Building a sustainable trade and investment presence for South Australia in ASEAN

The South Australian Government announced in late June a new directions paper seeking to develop a trade and engagement strategy between South Australia and South East Asia. This is certainly a positive step for South Australian business, and will help build upon the competitive advantages that currently support our economy. The Association of South East

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