AsiaAustralis Strategic Management and Consulting Services

AsiaAustralis is a Strategic Managment Consulting firm in South Australia, with a core focus of providing strategic advice and assistance to coporate and government clients on the market opportunities in the Asia Pacific region.

We provide clients a tailored product specific to the needs of each client in five core areas:
Export Market Development – Indentification and development business leads in new and emerging markets in Asia, and the faciltiation of project requirements through to final agreement. AsiaAustralis can utilise their extensive negotiation and project management experience to deliver your product and brand to new international markets in Asia.
  • Strategic and Business Planning – to faciltiate corporate strategy development for investment and expansion into foreign markets in the Asia Pacfic region, through the provision of accountable business cases and economic analysis.
  • Market Strategy and Planning – to develop and provide advice on approporiate marketing and product advice for entry to international markets in Asia. Drawing upon the wealth of cross cultural and market expertise, AsiaAustralis can ensure marketing pakages can be tailored to suit the needs and objectives of your brand in Asia.
  • Industry development – investment attraction from international investors in the Asia Pacific, and development of economic research and analysis to determine best possible linkage opportunities for domestic industry with international partners.